Our Story



Nathan Detroit’s Sandwich Pad was established in the late 70s. In 1981, Ian and his wife, Fraydel, who played a large role in building Nathan’s, took over the operation and developed the Portage and Main restaurant into what it is today.

Ian successfully transformed a small 70-seat sandwich shop into a 150-seat full service restaurant and catering operation, while still maintaining the feel of a corner store sandwich shop. Ian was the general manager at Nathan’s until his passing in 2001, while Fraydel continues to work behind the counter to this very day. Ian and Fraydel’s daughters, Brenlea and Karen have taken on responsibility of the sandwich pad as the managers, ensuring that Ian’s legacy is carried on.

Over the last 40+ years, there have been many upgrades, changes and renovations, but quality products and our customer’s experience have always remained our number one priority.